PIVX (PIVX) is a POS 3.0 coin and is not minable. PIVX is currently worth $ 0.34 per coin. PIVX has masternodes.


Last updated 1 hour ago
Price per PIVX in USD $ 0.34100907785182
Price per PIVX in Bitcoin 0
Volume over the last 24 hours $ 1,546,048
Market cap in USD $ 27,931,445
Change in % over the last hour 0.16260655
Change in % over the last 24 hours -2.41909565
Change in % over the last 7 days -28.44588532
Block chain updated 11 hours ago
Block height 4347568
Difficulty 8183.2280190991
Current supply 81897279.571418

PIVX specifications

Symbol PIVX
Minable No
Algorithm Quark
Prooftype POS 3.0
Block explorer PIVX block explorer
Total coin supply N/A
Premine: N/A


PIVX is a masternode coin. To operate a PIVX masternode, 10000 PIVX is required. A PIVX masternode costs $3,410 or 0 BTC. Running a PIVX masternode will provide passive income.

PIVX price history