SmileyCoin (SMLY) is a PoW coin and is minable using the Scrypt algorithm. SmileyCoin is currently worth $ 0.00 per coin.


Last updated 1 week ago
Price per SMLY in USD $ 1.5489745454441E-5
Price per SMLY in Bitcoin 0
Volume over the last 24 hours $ 38
Market cap in USD $ 244,834
Change in % over the last hour -0.05815042
Change in % over the last 24 hours -16.94820732
Change in % over the last 7 days -29.10948688
Block chain updated 9 hours ago
Block height 1141739
Difficulty 18346012.089903
Current supply 35407299212.921

SMLY specifications

Name SmileyCoin
Symbol SMLY
Minable Yes
Algorithm Scrypt
Prooftype PoW
Block explorer SMLY block explorer
Total coin supply 50000000000
Premine: N/A

SmileyCoin price history