Bolivarcoin (BOLI) is a PoW coin and is minable using the X11 algorithm. Bolivarcoin is currently worth $ 0.00 per coin.


Last updated 5 hours ago
Price per BOLI in USD $ 0.001971873400233
Price per BOLI in Bitcoin 0
Volume over the last 24 hours $ 14
Market cap in USD $ 37,352
Change in % over the last hour -0.21131987
Change in % over the last 24 hours 1.84554763
Change in % over the last 7 days 4.46910222
Block chain updated 3 hours ago
Block height 1093235
Difficulty 33958.503735916
Current supply 18942285.6238

BOLI specifications

Name Bolivarcoin
Symbol BOLI
Minable Yes
Algorithm X11
Prooftype PoW
Block explorer BOLI block explorer
Total coin supply 25000000
Premine: N/A

Bolivarcoin price history